Refrigerazione industriale

Solutions for industrial refrigeration


Our professionalism at client service

for industrial refrigeration systems
in the food industry, cooling,
drying and curing cold-cuts and cheeses.


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Our professionalism at client service.


IMAS Srl is engaged in the production of large plants for industrial refrigeration: multi-compressor plants with hermetic, semi-hermetic or screws, but also in the design and installation of large refrigeration systems for the preservation of foods like fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, milk , yogurt, ice cream, cold cuts. The passion and the professionalism we work with make IMAS Srl an excellence in refrigeration technology.

We guarantee your investment over time by providing maintenance solutions for all industrial customers and highly trained technicians.

  • Refrigerated warehouses for fresh and frozen products
  • Rapid cooling and deep freezing tunnels
  • Production and storage of flake ice
  • Processing of fruit and vegetables
  • Refrigerated slaughterhouses
  • Salami factories
  • Fish products processing centres
  • Dairy products processing centres
  • Ice-cream factories
  • Canning industry
  • Beverage industry